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5/23/13: Hot spot sem or prime29 is a scam. Really what they do is more of unethical sales. They tell you they are going to get your business to the top of google places. What they are really selling is a cheap website without telling you that you are buying a new website from them. Just avoid them because they are less than truthful.

4/23/13: hot spot sem - scam marketing company

4/23/13: Hot Spot Sem scam company Do not answer on their calls, do not give them your CC number, they claiming they are have reserved first 10 spots in google....

3/26/13: why don't you find out exactly what they do before you call them scammers..

1/26/13: Got a call from them, implied they were Google. After getting told my company was selected to be FEATURED LOCALLY by Google, I assumed Google was actually on the line. I've worked witht hem before and they are very proactive in they outreach to selected industries. I didnt think a bit of it. As it happens, they arent google and they are just selling search engine optimization and search engine marketing packages to businesses.

1/22/13: said they where google, and have a top spot available for google places in my line of work that hasn't been available for over 2 years. Asked if i was interested and put me on hold. then said the google rep was busy and would call me back in a few. he did from 714-362-6962 and wanted 99 dollar a month. I think it may be a scam

1/17/13: promotional caller that claims they represent front page on google.

12/20/12: Solicitation for local google business. Politely ended the call and they called back and went on about how a certified google rep wanted to speak with me. Really shady business approach.

12/20/12: hot spot internet marketing